Preliminary Program

(subject to change without notice)


Saturday, October 26, 2019 

Morning Pre-conference Sessions 

Private Practice - The Essentials for Success

Head & Neck Lymphedema Management: Be at the Top of Your Practice 

Differential Diagnosis: So Many Edemas, How Can You Really Tell the Difference?

Integrating Elastic Taping – A Comprehensive Lab

How to Really Handle Burns, Blisters, and Bruises

Wound Care in Nutshell 

All About Fat: Lipedema and Lipolymphedema

Core Management: Breast, Chest, & Genital Lymphedema

Compression Garment Decision-making

Conference Commences 

Afternoon General Assembly

The Language of Lymphedema

Universal Agreement on Definition & Diagnosis of Lymphedema

Diagnosis Consensus Document - Full Conference Engagement

Research Presentations

Practice-based Evidence Nutrition

Ketogenic Way of Eating and Lymphatic Disorders: Improving Health Through Nutrition

Evening Fashion Show


Sunday, October 27, 2019 

Morning General Assembly

Incorporating Sensory Integration & Movement Strategies into Exercise for Lymphedema

How to Walk Again & the Power of Positivity 

Breakthroughs with Surgical Technique & MR Imaging

Lymphedema Surgery: Expectations & Myths

Live Demo of ICG Fluoroscopy

Image-based Evidence Liposuction Does Not Injure Lymphatics

Primary Lymphedema -  “Gene”ous Insight

The Minds of Parents with Kids with Primary Lymphedema 

Research Presentations

MLD: The Inconvenient Truth

Standardization of Lymphedema Care

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Integrating Lymphatic Rehabilitation & ICG Fluoroscopy in Clinical Practice

Triaging Complicated Lower Extremity Lymphedema Cases

Self-bandaging – A Lab on Positioning, Technique, and Workarounds

Lymphedema Therapy in the Home Setting

Compression Garment Reimbursement -  A Look Behind the Scenes

Establishing a Lymphedema Screening Program - What is Really Needed

The Impact of Lymphedema on Balance

MLD: Taking Your Technique to the Next Level

What Happens When You Exercise

Exercise: the Road to Reduction Starts with One Step

Evening Performance by Victoria Canal


Monday, October 28, 2019 

Morning General Assembly

Managing DVTs and Infection and Lymph Therapy

Lymphedema Therapy Precautions s/p Lymph Surgery

Lymphedema Precautions Updated

Beyond Lymphatic Disorders: Mastering Life with Chronic Illness

Treating Lymphedema with Reflexology

Empowerment to People with Lymphedema: Be the Cure

You Are What You Eat: Impact of Social Media Feed on Patient & Practitioner Mindset

Application of Neuro-lymphatic Therapy

Nomogram to Predict Lymphedema

Curative Potential with Surgical Techniques

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Antoine Louveau on "Lymphatics of the Brain"

Awards Luncheon

Conference Concludes – Thank You!

Afternoon Post-conference Sessions

Orthopedic Edema – CDT to the Rescue

Untangling Axillary Web Syndrome

Lymphedema Therapy in the Palliative Care Setting

Compression Therapy: Advanced Techniques for the Upper Extremity

Essentials of Myofascial Release and Scar Management

Application of Neuro-lymphatic Therapy

Pharmaceutical Interventions

Integrating ADL Training into Lymphedema Therapy