Thank you to all our sponsors

The National Lymphedema Network would like to acknowledge the tremendous support we have received since 1988. As a nonprofit organization, we could not possibly focus on doing what we do without you providing us a solid foundation to grow on. A very special thank you to all our sponsors past, present, and future for all your contributions large and small. Collectively, because of you we are able to work together towards a cause that is far beyond what we could accomplish individually.

We would like to especially acknowledge Tactile Medical who was a silver sponsor for our 2017 conference and for their unwavering and unconditional support through a very challenging 2018. Your generosity was tremendous, heroic, and unforgettable. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to infinity and beyond.

A special thank you to D&J Compression who blindly supported us in 2018. We are so grateful for your patience, support, and trust in our organization.

Thank you to Lymphedivas, Sigvaris, and International Lymphedema and Wound Training Institute (ILWTI) who supported us in our pilot program earlier this year, the Garment Lab. We are so touched by your willingness to explore uncharted territory with us. Your curiosity and courage to go on the adventure of developing something new and innovative was amazing. Thank you for taking the risk with us.

Last but not least, thank you to all our sponsors of the 2017 conference. We would like to especially acknowledge medi who was our platinum sponsor. Since the beginning, we have always offered biannual conferences every other year. Last year we decided to offer the first consecutive annual conference. This meant that if you sponsored the conference you were taking a risk with us because success was not a guarantee. Thank you so much for standing by our side. We hope you will continue on our conference journey with us.

To all our sponsors, thank you for giving us the strength to stand tall and move forward in our mission.