Lymphedema leadership Program


Think about this. One faculty member of one school of lymphatic therapy certifies one large class of lymphedema therapists. These lymphedema therapists go back and treat hundreds or thousands of people with lymphedema throughout their careers. All of these people with lymphedema receive the therapy they needed and have their quality of life restored so they can, in turn, go back to being philanthropists, performing surgeries that save lives, creating art that inspires, performing music that moves the world to tears, being a mom/dad/son/daughter/grandmother/grandfather etc., or doing whatever it is that each person does best.

The ripple effect of one action can be so profound. The National Lymphedema Network would like to invest in the future of Lymphology by creating the optimal learning environment for the accelerated professional development of future leaders in field. We are offering a unique opportunity to individuals who clearly demonstrate passion and dedication to the lymphedema community in a meaningful way. Selected candidates are invited to attend a tuition-free lymphedema certification course with one of our participating lymphedema schools. Additional educational support includes receiving a year of complimentary NLN affiliate membership, complimentary attendance to all NLN regional events throughout 2019, complimentary access to all 2019 webinars, and complimentary attendance to the 2019 NLN Conference. The 2019 roster will also be offered private, monthly clinical discussions with a lymphedema expert to facilitate the development of lymphedema clinical expertise.

Full Details of the Lymphedema Leadership Program

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