Marilyn Westbrook garment fund sponsors


Thank you to our generous garment fund sponsors who make it possible for hundreds of people who do not have the financial resources to receive compression garments every year.

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Today, we continue the vision that Conrad Jobst began, helping relieve pain caused by venous disease and  lymphedema, and improving the quality of life through the wearing of JOBST gradient compression garments.

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Family-owned since 1912, Juzo manufacturers a variety of compression therapy garments, designed specifically to offer people impacted by venous and lymphatic conditions the freedom to keep moving and maintain an active lifestyle.

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medi® is a global leader in medical compression and orthopedics that invests in research, education and innovation to provide the latest technologies that enable our patients to manage their challenges while living life to the fullest.


L&R USA INC. (L&R) is passionate about caring for patients through innovative wound care and compression solutions.  With over 160 years of experience,  L&R strives to provide healthcare professionals solutions in the treatment of wounds, edema, venous disease, and lymphedema to improve patient care and outcomes.  L&R’s comprehensive product portfolio of world-class brands such as Debrisoft®, Suprasorb®, Rosidal®, TributeNight™, and ReadyWrap™ are trusted for their effectiveness and quality.


Wear Ease offers a line of “off the shelf” compression products for recovery from surgery and side effects such as lymphedema. Our garments are designed for maximum comfort and function. We listen to our therapists, doctors, and patients to ensure our products meet the need for 100% compliance.