The National Lymphedema Network’s newsletter was started in 1989 by our founder Saskia Thiadens, RN and it has changed over the years with many additions being made along the way. It has evolved to become a quarterly publication and is one of the offerings of membership that is most valued. With the transitions the NLN has undergone in the past two years, only one issue was produced in 2017 and we have yet to produce one for this year. Please know we are working hard to have an issue out in December 2018.

LymphLink will continue to be an exclusive feature for our valued membership. Below we are offering open access of our 2017 issue, including our Resource Guide, to the general public. The Resource Guide will soon be offered separately from our newsletter and be readily accessible to everyone on our website, electronic newsletter, and social media. This is so that there is increased visibility for our affiliate membership and sponsors and so that it can be updated in real time. To our affiliate membership and sponsors, please accept our apologies for the past two years.

To our membership, we sincerely thank you for you patience in receiving the next LymphLink.