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Position vacancies can have a rapid trickle-down effect negatively impacting your organization’s productivity, patient care, and reputation. The process for searching, screening, and interviewing can be costly and time-consuming. So focusing your efforts to attract quality candidates with the specific skill sets you are looking for will benefit numerous stakeholders, which includes your team, the candidates searching for you, and the all the patients coming to your organization for care.

The National Lymphedema Network offers this forum dedicated to lymphedema positions. Whether the position you are looking to fill is clinical, administrative, research-based, or simply related to lymphedema, the NLN’s Lymphedema Job Postings will facilitate you connecting with ideal candidates.

For $600 we will post the details of your available position on the National Lymphedema Network website for 90 days, list the position in our virtual newsletter emailed to NLN membership & subscribers, and dedicate social media postings on LinkedIn & Facebook.

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