National Lymphedema Network’s

Garment Program



  • All applications with supporting documents must be submitted in a single submission electronically to

  • Paper submissions mailed or faxed to the NLN will not be accepted or acknowledged.

  • The Garment Program is exclusively available to active Affiliate Members of the National Lymphedema Network.

  • To see a list of our active Affiliate Members, please refer to our Lymphedema Therapy Directory.

  • Patients must have completed a course of Complete Decongestive Therapy and be at the point of maximal volume reduction and be independent with a home program.

  • One set of daytime compression garments or night-time compression garments will be provided per application.

  • All garments requested in a single application must come from one sponsor.

  • All compression garments must be delivered to the Affiliate Member’s address.

  • Any incomplete application will be denied with any missing details.

  • Applications must include prescription, photo of affected regions, and (if applicable) completed custom forms in a single submission.

  • Applications for custom garments must include rationale and explain why ready-to-wear compression garments are not being requested.

  • The Garment Fund committee has the ability to accept applications contingent upon acceptance of a different garment recommendation.

  • Financial information will no longer be required. Confirmation of financial need in the patient’s personal statement will suffice.

  • There will be absolutely no remakes of any custom garment accepted through the garment program. Any therapist who attempts to circumvent the garment program process to obtain remakes, and not abide by program guidelines, will be removed from future participation in the garment program.

  • At the discretion of the Garment Fund committee, individual therapists may be removed from participation in the garment program due to lack of professionalism including disrespectful communication with the garment program committee or any of the participating sponsors.

  • Requests for accessories, such as garment liners and donning aids, will not be accepted.

  • Each Affiliate Member, that is each NLN ID number, will be granted 20 accepted applications per calendar year.

  • An acknowledgement letter from the affiliate therapist or the patient must be received within 4 weeks of receiving the compression garments.

Affiliate Members, Thank you for your Membership support!