Marilyn Westbrook Garment Fund


ThIS is a SOft Relaunch of the MWGF

Applications will be open Monday 10/29/18 - 11:59pm PT Tuesday 10/30/18.

The objective of the soft relaunch is to make sure the process and workflow that has been set is effective and efficient.


MWGF Guidelines

  • All applications must be submitted electronically via our website application form.

    • Any paper submissions using the former paper application that are mailed or faxed will not be accepted or acknowledged.

    • Any direct email messages containing the same information on the application form below will not be accepted.

  • All applications must be submitted by active Affiliate Members of the National Lymphedema Network.

    • This program is not open or available to non-Affiliate Membership.

  • Patients must be actively receiving therapy from our active Affiliate Membership.

  • Patients must have completed a course of Complete Decongestive Therapy and be at the point of maximal volume reduction.

    • The turnaround time to receive a notice of acceptance is 7 days from the time of submission.

      • Accepted applications will have measurements for custom garments submitted within this time frame.

    • If there are any recommended changes or questions from the MWGF committee, therapists have 7 days to respond.

      • Delayed responses, greater than 7 days, will void the application and a new one will need to be submitted.

  • The MWGF has the ability to accept applications contingent upon acceptance of a different garment recommendation.

  • Financial information will no longer be required. Confirmation of financial need will suffice.

  • There will be absolutely no remakes of any custom garment accepted through the MWGF.

  • Any submission that includes identified PHI will not be accepted.

Application FOrm will be available 10/29/18.

Name of Affliate Therapist *
Name of Affliate Therapist
Has patient completed CDT and achieved max volume reduction? *
Has the patient demonstrated apparent compliance with home program? *