Our new virtual office is located in the heart of Manhattan since the majority of the NLN’s leadership team resides in the NYC metropolitan area. Therefore our pilot programs and initial offerings will be held in New York.

As we learn how to best meet the needs of our community we will look to expand the programs by offering them in other cities.

The educational content from our events will be available to NLN members on our website.

Thank you for joining us at our events and for all your support.

If you have a lymphedema event that you would like our community to be aware of, please let us know.


List your amazing lymphedema event


The National Lymphedema Network would like to be the resource people turn to for up-to-date information on any and all lymphedema events. If you have an amazing lymphedema event, we can post your event so that it will receive targeted and maximal exposure. You’ll be supporting us at the same time.

Once we receive your request and sponsorship ($50 for support groups, $150 for webinars and complimentary educational events, $300 for registration-based educational events, $1,000 for conferences) your event will be immediately posted on our website and it will remain until your event. We will also immediately post your event on our social media platforms LinkedIn & Facebook. Additionally, it will be included in the next electronic newsletter.

Sponsorship can be completed here.

Thank you for supporting the National Lymphedema Network.

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