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Clinician Guidelines

Lymph e-Channel Editorial Guidelines:

Goal: To create a patient focused e-newsletter that will provide useful and informative articles tailored to help patients in their daily struggles to cope with LE. 

Topics: The National Lymphedema Network, Inc. (NLN) welcomes articles on a broad range of topics related to the lymphatic system and related disorders. All articles should be written to the target audience of patients and caregivers. If you have a specialty or would like to write about a specific subject, please submit your topic to robin [at] lymphnet [dot] org to be reviewed by the Editorial Committee. Below is a list of suggested topics that you can use for inspiration.

• Helpful self care practices 
• Tips to save money on supplies / care of supplies
• Nutrition / diet concerns
• Why a patient needs to wear a hand-piece with an arm sleeve
• Exercise 
• Flying - guidelines for before, during and after
• Skin care 
• Beauty - Is it safe to shave with a razor? Is it safe to get a manicure/pedicure?
• Other 

Specs: Please submit your article as a text document (Microsoft Word .doc or .docx or as a universal text
file .txt). All articles should be approximately 650 words or less. You are welcome to submit a photo or graphic element along with your article. All graphic elements should be submitted as a separate graphic file (not embedded in the text) as 72 dpi web jpgs. 

Review Process: Every article is carefully reviewed by our Lymph e-Channel Editorial Committee. Please submit your articles according to the schedule listed below to allow enough time for review. 

• January 2014 Submission due by: December 15, 2013
• March 2014 Submission due by: February 15, 2014
• May 2014 Submission due by: April 16, 2014
• July 2014 Submission due by: June 15, 2014
• September 2014 Submission due by: August 15, 2014
• November 2014 Submission due by: October 15, 2014

Don’t forget to include:

• Your name and credentials
• Affiliation, if any
• Your contact information, including telephone and e-mail if you wish to be contacted 

For additional questions about your article submission, please contact Robin Miller, Lymph e-Channel Editor,
via email at robin [at] lymphnet [dot] org or telephone at 415-908-3681.